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Combating Crazy

Our days are wild and that’s putting it mildly. I can lose my temper easily and then I spend the rest of the day feeling guilty and frustrated. There are things I can do before my day ever gets started that really help to set the right tone (when I make sure to do them).
First and foremost, I find that things go much better and I usually have an extra measure of patience when my day starts with a quiet time with The Lord. My children tend to be early risers so I really have to make a point to get up at least 45 minutes before they do and sometimes that just does not happen.

Another thing that really helps and I struggle to accomplish, is getting things done the night before. The kitchen cleaned and ready to prepare breakfast, everyone’s clothes ready for the next day and the laundry (my arch enemy) should be all put away. If you are like me you just want to relax at the end of the day but it truly makes a difference in my productivity and my attitude the next day if these things can be accomplished.

A great book I have found packed with great and practical ideas about home management and getting it all together is “Large Family Logistics” by Kim Brenneman, here is the link for Amazon,


Why I am doing this

I have been a stay at home mom for four years. We have a five year old daughter and two sons who are two and one.

I had a good career at a company I love. My husband and I never really thought of having children and we definitely never imagined me staying at home with them. When our daughter was born our whole mindset changed and a sense of great responsibility overwhelmed us both. We felt that I should stay at home; we felt strongly that was what The Lord wanted us to do. Let me say, I don’t look down on any mother who works away from home; there are many reasons mothers work, some because they choose to and many others would love to stay at home but for various reasons, they just are not able to. God will use us wherever we are if we seek Him and His will.

My husband and I prayed A LOT because with where we lived and the mortgage we had, we had to have two incomes. So we sold our house and moved to the country, to the area we both grew up. It took 18 months but we did it!!

I think I had envisioned something different about how life would be as a stay at home mom. I pictured me being like June Cleaver. My house would be spotless, a wonderful dinner would await my husband when he came home from work. I would get up each morning before dawn and drink coffee and have a nice long quiet time with The Lord. The children and I would have so much fun playing games, reading, doing crafts and nature walks everyday. My children would be well behaved and I would be smiling all the time.

It did not take long for reality and great disappointment to set it. In the first week I was working so hard I was more physically tired than I had ever been. Months past and my pace had to slow, I could not keep up with the demands of perfection I put on myself. I was getting more and more grumpy with my daughter and my husband. I was finding this to be a much more difficult lifestyle than I ever imagined. Then my two sons were born sixteen months apart and things got even more hectic. And along the way we decided to homeschool, we are currently in our 2nd year of that. I would never change a thing. I love every second I have with my kids; there have been about a hundred or so times that I’ve cried and said to myself “I am not cut out for this” but every time I feel God reminding me that I can do all things through Christ and I know this is exactly what He has made me to do.

I have never experienced greater joy and happiness than I have with my children. For years I knew that everyone has a call on their life and a purpose, something they are supposed to do but I could never find anything I was really passionate about that I felt called to do. I feel that way about staying at home and homeschooling; I feel like this is what God has purposed me to do during this season of my life. It can be so very challenging but the reward is so much greater.

I have found out a lot of things through trial and error and I have gotten a lot of good information from other mothers who have done this homeschooling thing for a long time. I have read some great books that have helped me in mothering, home management and homeschooling. I want to use my bog to share this information and to share my struggles and joys of day to day life. So here it goes I pray that it might be of some help and encouragement.